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Notice regarding October Water Bills

November 8th 2013

We have received a number of inquiries about the recent utility bill received and would like to offer a brief explanation...

(tldr version - new at this, utility charges for October as normal, just wait for next bill, call if need further assistance)  

Due to changes in staff and the learning process, the October utility bills were printed after October 31. The billing date on the recent bills delivered to your mail is October 18 but reflects any payments received up to November 3rd (if your account does not show a credit it means no payment was received for October).

The only effect of the late running of the bills is that we were unable to show a usage charge on the paper bill (since the system knew it was already November). 

In our municipal computer system, October's utility charges were charged at your usual rate and any payments received through on-line banking have been applied to the account as usual.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and assure you that November's utility bill will be received at a more usual time and reflecting the charges for services over the two month period to avoid any futher confusion.

If you require further assistance on the matter we are available to answer your questions at 306-425-2066

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