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Update: June 10th- Water line repair Churchill Community Highsch

June 16th 2014

Update June 16/14: The precautionary drinking water advisory (PDWA) issued for the area affected by the break in the water main in front of Churchill Community High School has been rescinded. All required samples have confirmed the water is safe to drink.

Thank you for your patience


Due to a break in the water main in front of Churchill Community High School, our Public Works department will be shutting off water in this area to allow for repairs to be made.  Areas effected by this water shut off have been notified and we hope to have service restored on or before Wednesday, June 11th.

As a result of the repairs, there will be a precautionary boil water order for the effected area.  This will be in effect until the Town of La Ronge receives confirmation from the Water Security Agency that water samples from the area have passed their testing.  We will be making a further annoucement as soon as we receive the results.

Schools in the area have made announcements with respect to their operations during this time.  For the most recent information, please visit:

Churchill Community High School

Pre-Cam Community School

Should you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Town Office.


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