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Isolated PDWA: Water Line Repair

June 16th 2014

Necessary repairs to a water main in the industrial area will affect the north end of Finlayson and Poirier Street (Chanin Ave to Riese Dr/Highway 2 intersection). The repair area is isolated and all affected properties will be notified directly. 

Residents affected by a PDWA are asked to boil the water being used for drinking purposes for at least one minute prior to use.

Additional Information provided by SaskWater:

The PDWA advisory also applies to any water which will enter a person’s mouth, such as water used for tooth brushing, soaking false teeth and water put into food or drink which will not be subsequently heated. Also, some harmful bacteria, if present in the water, can survive freezing; therefore ice cubes should be made from previously boiled water. Persons providing food or drink to the public should be particularly careful to boil all water which is consumed by the public.

In addition to the above, all dishes and utensils should be soaked in a bleach water solution (1 oz of bleach per gallon of water) for 2 minutes after being washed to kill any bacteria which may be present or dishwater should be boiled prior to use. Do not mix soap with bleach.

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