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Bear Country! Dial 1-800-667-7561 (TIP line) if you see a bear

September 3rd 2015

Taken from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment's website:

Encountering a Bear:

  1. Never feed or approach a bear or cubs.
  2. Make a wide detour if you see a bear at a distance. Don't get too close to a bear for the sake of a photograph.
  3. If you suddenly encounter a bear, calmly back away, speak in low tones and do not look directly at the bear.
  4. Stay calm – DO NOT RUN! You cannot outrun a bear.
  5. As a last resort when a bear is very close, dropping an article may distract a bear. Do not drop your pack.
  6. Move towards a tree or a rock, which may protect you from the bear. Climbing a tree is not an escape but the bear may feel less threatened. Black bears can easily climb trees.
  7. In almost all cases a black bear will threaten but will not attack. If an attack does occur and no escape is possible you should defend yourself. DO NOT PLAY DEAD!

For more information please contact your local Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment office or a conservation officer.

Remember …

Please take the time to report all bear incidents and observations to a park or conservation officer promptly.

The surest protection against injury or damage to your property is prevention.

Never feed bears or leave food for a bear – you will invite trouble for yourself…. Bears that have been fed lose their natural fear for humans. When bears start to associate their food with humans, they become a nuisance. Bears usually have to be disposed of when this occurs…

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