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May 20th 2015

Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory

This Advisory applies to a portion of the residents and users of the Town of La Ronge water distribution system on Riese Drive (Houses 1107-1135 and 1104-1124) and all houses on Glass Place and is effective at 7:00 am May 20, 2015, until further notice.

Due to a need to repair a leaking fire hydrant, a portion of town the Town of La Ronge water distribution system will be depressurized. Therefore, pursuant to Clause 32(1)(a) of The Environmental Management and Protection Act 2002, consumers must be notified to:

(a) boil all water used for drinking purposes for at least one (1) minute, at a rolling boil, prior to use;

(b) boil water to be used for other activities where it may be ingested, including:

(i) brushing teeth or soaking false teeth;

(ii) dishwashing, unless sanitized in another fashion;

(iii)washing fruits and vegetables;

(iv) food or drink which will not be subsequently boiled; and

(v) ice cubes;

(c) not drink from any public drinking fountains supplied with water from the public water supply;

(d) under most circumstances, not need to boil water used for other household purposes. Adults, adolescents and older children may shower, bathe or wash using tap water but should avoid swallowing the water. Laundry may be washed in tap water, either by hand or by machine.

(e) ensure that younger children and infants are sponge bathed;

(f) use an alternative water source known to be safe, if they do not wish to boil the water; and

(g) consult with your physician if you have cuts or rashes that are severe before using the water.

(h) Flush all taps used for drinking, cooking and bathing for five minutes and until clear once water services are turned back on.

If you require any additional information, please contact the following:

Town of La Ronge Office (306) 425-2066

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