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09:35 Local State of Emergency & Vol. Evacuation LIFTED

June 11th 2015

Update (June 11th/2015 9:35AM)

The State of Emergency and Voluntary Evacuation have been LIFTED for the 3 communities.

Those requiring transportation will be informed of logistics shortly. ChiefTammy Cook-Searson will be passing on information as it becomes available.

Mayor Thomas Sierzycki will be issuing a statement later this afternoon. Thank-you for everyone's patience and understanding.


*Please note: Members of all 3 communities that are voluntarily evacuating should register at the JRMCC prior to departure. As it is a voluntary evacuation, if you are not on the high risk list but feel the need to evacuate for health reasons, you do need to register to be considered eligible for emergency travel assistance*

Update (June 11th/2015 AM)

-No fire risk to the community. Smoke conditions continue to improve but remain the main concern.

-Wildfire management is making progress on the fires. Weather also continues to cooperate.

-It is our goal to lift the State of Emergency and Voluntary Evacuation as soon as possible. Consultation with health officials is ongoing and as soon as conditions are deemed safe, both will be lifted. Currently both remain in effect.

-The next meeting is at 8am and we will be providing a situational update shortly afterwards.

-Thank-you for your ongoing patience and understanding.



Update (June 10th/2015 PM)

-No threat of fire to the communities. Smoke conditions have improved but they continue to be our main concern.

-The situation may change quickly and today will be used as an indicator on when the State of Emergency and Voluntary Evacuation could be potentially lifted. For now both remain in effect.

-A link to a map to demonstrate the distance of the fires to La Ronge from Wildfire Management. This map is available at their Fire Centre. As mentioned before, lakes and natural barriers are keeping the fires away from us in excess of 20km.


-We thank everyone for their patience and understanding during this time.



Update (June 10th/2015 AM)

-NO fire threat to the community. Smoke conditions have improved but are still the main concern at this time.

-Weather has been more cooperative for firefighting and data collection by wildfire management.

-Fires remain a substantial distance away (over 20km with lake and natural barriers) and wildfire management is monitoring for any new ones.

-All municipal services are operational, however due to a team building and communication session some restrictions will apply (June 10th afternoon and July 11th afternoon). This is not related to the fire/smoke situation.

-The communities continue to collaborate with the health region and health officials. When it is deemed appropriate for individuals safety, the voluntary evacuations will be lifted.

-Next update relating to this situation will be when new information is available.


(June 9th/2015 PM)

-No fire threat to the community. Smoke continues to be the main concern.

-The Sucker fire is 22km from La Ronge. The Egg/Besnard fire is 27km away. Water bodies and natural barriers also exist between us.

-Wildfire Management is monitoring for any new fires from last nights lightening. La Ronge received 7-9mm of rain. More rain fell north of us and less to the south and west. They will also be releasing more mapping information when available.

-All La Ronge municipal services are fully operational including the airport.

-For smoke modelling visit

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