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PRESS RELEASE: For Immediate Release

October 20th 2016

Northern Town of La Ronge Commits to Supporting a Community Alcohol Management Strategy


La Ronge – On September 28, 2016, Town Council appointed two interim members in support and encouragement of the next phase of the Community Alcohol Management Plan (CAMP). This Plan was informed through community consultations and represents grass roots recommendations for tackling an issue faced by many communities. The CAMP promotes community safety and well-being through prevention of alcohol-related harm and crime. The CAMP Committee is seeking public representation from the stakeholder communities and organizations, including the Town of La Ronge. The committee will work together to champion and implement the recommended action plan.

The Mayor and Council of La Ronge are encouraged by the level of cooperation between organizations and the support received through agency data sharing. This will ensure that both base line and comparison information can be collected and compared to assist the CAMP Committee in understanding what areas to focus on for the largest potential impact. "Having good, comparable data that takes into account a variety of economic and socio-economic factors is often difficult to obtain in general, but especially for the north", stated Mayor Sierzycki, "The difference we see in this initiative is the cross-sector jurisdictional cooperation to ensure the communities have quality data…".The CAMP’s Action Plan Framework includes a dozen focus areas and the CAMP Committee is seeking to have committed stakeholders engage in support of the ideas brought forward, including areas such as:
 Education
 Prevention/Awareness
 Youth
 Health

The Town of La Ronge is calling for interested stakeholders and motivated citizens to identify themselves to potentially be a part of the CAMP Committee. Mayor Sierzycki says that the Town of La Ronge is hopeful individuals will see an opportunity to make a positive difference in their community and will come forward to be a part of the Committee, "so this work can continue at the grass roots level".

For further information, please contact:

Victoria MacDonald
Chief Administrative Officer
Town of La Ronge
Box 5680, La Ronge, SK. S0J 1L0
Phone 306.425.2066

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