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Zoning Bylaw 572/16 Amendments & Public Hearing

February 21st 2017

Public notice is hereby given that the Council of the Town of La Ronge, pursuant to Section 207 under the Planning and Development Act, 2017, intends to consider adopting bylaws to amend Bylaw No. 572/16, known as the Zoning Bylaw.


Reason:  The proposed amendments to the Zoning Bylaw include: rezoning Lot 3 Block 17 Plan 70PA10964 from Low Density Residential (R1) lot to Shoreline Commercial (C3) lot; adding the Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC) as a definition to Zoning Bylaw 572/16; allowing the STC as a permitted use in the Community Service (CS), General Commercial (C1), Highway Commercial (C2), Shoreline Commercial (C3), Light Industrial (M1), General Industrial (M2) and Airport (AP) districts; permitting the Town Sign Corridor in Future Development (FD) districts; removing converted vehicle and trailer signs from Section 3.15.1(k); amending the definition of Caretaker’s Unit in Zoning Bylaw 572/16 and allowing Caretaker’s Units as a permitted use in Light Industrial (M1) and General Industrial (M2) districts; and finally, adding business licenses to Section 3.4 – Concurrent  Processing of Permits.

The reasons for the proposed amendments to the Zoning Bylaw listed above are respectively as follows:

  • To accommodate for commercial infrastructure that is existing on the property.
  • As the Town of La Ronge Council feels that the Saskatchewan Transportation Company is an essential service to the region, the proposed zoning bylaw amendments will allow for the operation of the Saskatchewan Transportation Company in the Town of La Ronge.
  • According to the Zoning Bylaw, the Town Sign Corridor is to be permitted at Parcel 14 Plan AQ777, which is located in the Future Development (FD) district. Currently, the FD district does not allow the Town Sign Corridor as a use.
  • As converted vehicle and trailer signs are prohibited according to section 4.33.1(i) in Zoning Bylaw 572/16, they shall be removed from the fee section.
  • By amending the definition of Caretaker’s Unit and allowing them as permitted uses in M1 and M2 districts, it will allow for new applications to be received and to provide additional security of their premises. 
  • Business Licenses were not originally addressed in the Concurrent Processing of Permits

Public Inspection: The proposed amendments to the Zoning Bylaw may be viewed at the Town of La Ronge office located on 1212 Hildebrand Drive. This document may be examined by any person without any fee between the hours of 7:30 am - 4:00 pm Monday through Thursday, and 7:30 am - 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm - 4:00pm on Fridays, excluding holidays, up to and including, Friday March 3, 2017. Copies of the document may be obtained for a fee. Any questions about the documents can be directed to the La Ronge Town office.


Public Hearing: The Council will hear all submissions with respect to the Zoning Bylaw amendments on March 8, 2017 at 6:30 pm in the Council Chambers, located at 1212 Hildebrand Drive. Council will hear all persons who are present at the meeting and wish to speak on this matter. They will also consider written comments received at the hearing or delivered to the undersigned before the hearing.

Issued at the Town of La Ronge this 21st day of February, 2017

Gavin Willins, Acting Chief Administrative Officer

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