FAQ Animal Control

How do I obtain a dog license?

A dog license can be purchased at the Town of La Ronge Office.

Will I need to bring anything to obtain a dog license?

A copy of veterinary surgeon may be required.

What does a dog license cost and what forms of payment are accepted?

A male or female dog license is $50.00 annually. If your dog is spayed or neutered, the cost for a license is $15.00 annually. A replacement dog tag is $2.00.

Payments can be made via. cheque, cash or debit.

How long is a dog license valid?

A dog license is valid January 1st to December 31st annually.

I have a cat. Does a cat require a license?

At this time, cats are not required to have licenses.

My cat/dog was picked up by the Animal Control Officer. What are the pound fees?

The fees for a dog are as follows:

  • Kennel Charge.........$10.00 per day
  • License not on dog (if applicable)...$50.00
  • Dog at Large:
    • 1st Offense: $50.00
    • 2nd Offense: $100.00
    • 3rd Offense: $150.00

The fees for a cat are as follows:

  • Kennel Charge..........$3.00 per day
  • Cat at Large:
    • 1st Offense: $30.00
    • 2nd Offense: $60.00
    • 3rd Offense: $90.00

How many dogs/cats may I have in my house?

The Cat and Dog Bylaws state that no more than 3 cats and/or 3 dogs over 3 months old are permitted otherwise a kennel license is required.  

Do I have to scoop my pet waste?

Yes. You are required to pick up pet waste on any public or private property.

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