Garbage Schedule

*Yard-waste is considered material produced from the care in maintenance of landscaped areas, gardens, and lawns.

**Yard waste is to be placed in clear plastic bags in the regular green refuse containers.  Containers must be placed at the street abutting the property by 7:00 AM on the day of pickup. 

***Clippings from trees and shrubs must be tide in bundles not exceeding 1 meter in length bundles and placed beside the curbside refuse containers on the day of pickup.  Clippings not bundled, exceeding 1 meter in length, or exceeding 25 kilograms will not be collected.

Note:  The Town of La Ronge will no longer be providing disposal of large household items during spring clean-up. 

Please ensure your garbage container is out at the edge of the street by 8:00 am with the wheels facing your house, set in the gutter where you have a sidewalk or wheels on the edge of the face of the road where there are no sidewalks  .   


  • Ensure there are no obstructions around the container including vehicles or snow piles.  
  • Only household garbage is to be placed into the containers.  
  • All garbage must be put into tied plastic bags and placed inside the container.  


  • Bags are outside the container
  • The container is too heavy
  • The lid cannot be closed
  • There are any loose items in the container, or 
  • The container is on the sidewalk.  

 *Commercial bins and collection schedules are provided by a private company, Northwinds Bus Lines.  

    La Ronge Ave. & all off streets  
    Police Point 
    Backlund St. 
    Boardman St. 
    Louis Road   
    School Ave.  
    East Cres. 
    Diefenbaker Cres. 
    Guy Place. 
    Kowalski Pl. 
    Houghton Pl. 
    Cook Cres. 
    Lawton Cres. 
    Gibson St. 
    Beck St. 
    Hegland Street 
    Studer St. South (500-624)                

    Studer St. North (700-1731)   
   Quandt Cres.  
   Thompson Cres.  
   Sinotte Cres.  
   Mowery Pl.  
   Sewell Pl.  
   Aronec Pl.  
   Robertson Dr.    
   Riese Dr.   
   Dalby Cres.  
   Watt Pl.  
   Glass Pl.  
   Quarry Trailer Park  
   Industrial Residences