Snow Removal

SNOW REMOVAL POLICY - For a Printable Version of the Policy Click Here

The Mayor and Council identified the objectives of the policy as follows: 

  1. To facilitate the handling of emergencies by Police, Fire, and Ambulance services during the winter
  2. To reduce the hazards of icy conditions for motorists and pedestrians
  3. To minimize the economic losses to the community and industry resulting from unsatisfactory winter driving conditions



To meet the objectives of this policy, considerations that could alter or change regular operations regarding snowfall response may include but are not limited to:


  1. Any single snow event accumulation to be deemed an emergency
  2. Snow removal and clearing response maybe subject to change based on the following:
    1. Personnel safety 
    2. Public Safety
    3. Refuse collection route
    4. Weather/road conditions
    5. Other emergencies within the department
    6. Equipment available
    7. Personnel available




  1. Gutter: Is the area located at the edge of the road, abutting the edge of the sidewalk
  2. Hauling: The process in which loaders place snow in dump trucks. The dump trucks then take the snow to designated snow storage
  3. Manager: Public Works and Utilities Manager or designate
  4. Public Works: Employees within the Town of La Ronge Public Works Department 
  5. Ridge/Windrow:  Snow pushed in a row to aid in the snow clearing or hauling from a street
  6. Salt-sand: a mixture of salt and sand that is used to improve traction and reduce the hazards associated with slippery road surfaces during winter conditions. 
  7. Sanding: Spreading salt-sand by road maintenance crews
  8. Sidewalk: the part of a street adapted to the use of, or ordinarily used by pedestrians
  9. Snow Clearing: Removal of snow by pushing or hauling to make roads or sidewalks safely passable by traffic or pedestrians
  10. Town: The Town of La Ronge




  1. To meet the objectives of this policy, snow clearing and/or salt sanding outside normal operating hours may be required
  2. When a snow event is deemed an emergency, employees will be required to work outside the normal operating hours as determined by the Manager
  3. To meet the objectives of this policy, schedules may change prior to the start of the work schedule as determined by the Manager.
  4. Employees may be asked to work earlier than the posted schedule, however if it is not an emergency, the employee has the right to refuse a short notice change in schedule
  1. Public Works is responsible for responding to snow events. It is dangerous to initiate a snow clearing program during a severe storm when visibilities are reduced. It may also be ineffective to clear streets that are passable until it stops snowing, as the traffic, additional snow accumulation, and winds tend to nullify any efforts made. These conditions will be considered when determining when to initiate snow clearing, and will be at the discretion of the Manager


Snowfall Response




  1. Street snow removal priorities will be implemented according to Appendix “A” or at the discretion of the Manager
  2. When center windrows are created, intersections and corners within the crescents must be removed first. Public Works will attempt to advise residents affected by windrows in advance of snow cleaning procedures. (i.e., Signage, Town Website, Local Radio Station
  3. Subject to the amount and duration of a snowfall, centre windrows will be removed as soon as possible 
  4. If a new snowfall occurs before all priorities are complete, snow removal operations will re-start to Priority 1, or at the discretion of the Manager 
  5. All calls received for slippery streets, intersections and snow removal are to be directed to the Town Office
  6. Public Works will monitor snow piles for safe sight distances at key intersections and remove when necessary. In years of significant above-normal snowfall, it may be impractical to remove every snow pile and priorities will be devoted to areas of higher traffic volume at major intersections
  7. The plow or grader operator will make every effort to drop the snow wing to drag the snow through driveways reducing the edge ridge or windrow along the driveway approach. Normally these ridges do not prevent access and are the homeowner’s responsibility to remove. The grader operator may not identify every driveway and may leave a full ridge across your driveway. If your driveway is missed by the grader wing, and a severely large ridge is left, property owners are to call the Town Office and advise of the situation. Public Works will inspect the location(s), and dispatch appropriate equipment when available if the ridge meets the previously noted criteria. During a major snowstorm, the Town will focus on restoring the transportation grid to the Town before returning to clean any boulevard ridges or windrow 




  1. Sidewalk snow removal priorities will be implemented according to “Appendix B”. When possible, areas for removal will be coordinated in conjunction with adjacent street snow removal 
  2. Cleaning of snow from sidewalks not listed in “Appendix B” will be cleared as time permits as directed by the Manager. It is encouraged that the public sidewalks in front of residential properties in these locations be cleaned of snow by the property owners
  3. Any person(s) clearing snow from a public sidewalk in front of their property is permitted to place the snow from the public sidewalk in the gutter prior to the snow being removed from the street





  1. When deemed an emergency, snow removal on streets may be initiated prior to the completion of the snowfall, at the discretion of the Manager 
  2. In an emergency, cleaning priorities may need to be adjusted to facilitate access to certain streets as determined by the Manager
  3. Operations will not be limited to scheduling requirements and hours of operations may continue outside the normal operating hours until streets are made passible, as determined by the Manager
  4. Centre windrow locations may be altered to accommodate the emergency event
  5. Hauling snow may be delayed until streets are made passable




  1. Public Works will monitor conditions daily and apply salt-sand as required 
  2. When snow accumulation is greater than two inches, Salt-Sand application will occur after snow is cleared



Parked Vehicles


  1. It is advised that residents avoid parking their vehicles on the streets during a snow clearing program as it significantly slows the clearing program down, and is hazardous for the grader, as well as other traffic. Residents are to move their vehicles to an alternate location (driveway), where possible.  It is the owner/occupant's responsibility to dig their vehicle out if it gets surrounded by a snow ridge or windrow
  2. The Town shall have the authority to request any owner or occupant of property within the municipality to remove any vehicles as defined in The Highways and Transportation Act, 1997 for the purpose of removing snow, ice or debris on any street, sidewalk, or lane  
  3. When required, Public Works will place signage along streets advising of impending snow clearing procedures

Extreme Temperatures


  1. Snow removal and clearing will cease at temperatures lower than -33⁰C.
  2. In anticipation of, and/or, in the event of temperature increases resulting in quick melting priorities will be re-assed to avoid hazardous road/walking conditions. In this case, clearing and hauling will occur based on traffic and pedestrian safety


Town Snow Storage 


  1. The Town has established snow storage locations and are indicated in Appendix “A”
  2. Storage locations must be checked for pedestrians before pushing snow
  3. Storage locations will be monitored by Public Works to determine accessibility and capacity
  4. The public is permitted to dump snow in public snow locations however must receive approval from the Manager
  5. Additional locations may be established as needed by the Manager



Residents/Contractors Accountability


  1. No person shall place any snow, ice dirt or other obstruction, shoveled, swept, or cleaned from private property onto any street, sidewalk, or lane
  2. Pushing snow into the streets creates more snow for the grader to plough which may result in larger ridges in your own driveway as well as the driveways immediately adjacent. Public Works will not assist in the removal of boulevard windrows that are augmented by residents pushing their own snow into the street
  3. Residents clearing their driveways in a timely manner will greatly assist the grader operator in identifying private driveway locations and utilizing the wing appropriately
  4. It is recommended that residents avoid leaving extremely high piles of snow at the corners of their driveways, as the grader’s wing cannot be raised high enough to clear these. This will cause additional snow to be ridged on the driveway and will be the owner/occupant’s responsibility to remove
  5. No resident shall construct any fence/flowerbed or landscaping materials such as stones/bricks on Town property in front of the easement area that would hinder snow removal 
  6. Snow from private properties will not be permitted to be placed on any other Town property unless approval has been given by the Manager
  7. Any property owner storing snow on their property may be required to move stored snow if:
    1. Snow storage impedes safe sight lines for pedestrians and motorists
    2. Snow melt from the snow storage location adversely affects safe walking or road conditions

Appendix "A"  Street Removal Priority

Appendix "B"  Sidewalk- Snow Removal Priority

Any concerns can be directed to the Public Works Manager or their designate. 

Snow Removal Policy Jan 2022 Final.pdf