Bylaw & Policies

Bylaw/Policy # 
Administrative Bylaw    671-22
Animal Control Bylaw673-23
Building Bylaw  678/23
Business Bylaw (consolidated)305-92 
Community Grant Policy2001-01
Council Code of Conduct Bylaw641-20
Council Procedures Bylaw658-22
Curfew Bylaw   458-05 
Complete Cemetery Bylaw483-07
Election Bylaw632-20
Fire Services Bylaw     
Fireworks Bylaw  276-90 
Flag Policy1013-001
General Penalty Bylaw   344-95 
Littering Bylaw567-16  
Nuisance and Property Maintenance   584-17 
Noise Bylaw   343-95 
Official Community Plan (consolidated)571-16 
Official Community Plan Maps (consolidated)
Parks Bylaw663-22
Records Retention Bylaw 
SaskAlert Policy2019-210
Shoreline Use & Development Policy (consolidated)2019-417
Sale Distribution and Consumption of Beverage Alcohol and Cannabis599-18
Snow and Ice Response Policy3000-01
Taxi, Limousine & Vehicles for Hire Bylaw  
Traffic Bylaw677/23
Waste Collection Bylaw   456-05 
Water & Sewer Rates Bylaw   603-19
Water & Sewer Rates - Charges604-19
Zero Tolerance Policy2019-009
Zoning Bylaw (consolidated)572-16 
Zoning Bylaw Maps (consolidated)572-16 

For information on a Bylaw not listed here, please contact the Town Office.